This library features a collection of the favourite drum sounds from producer Jose Ignacio Jaras and drummer Cristobal Orozco. The drums were tuned by Mike Fasano and recorded at the iconic Eastwest Studio 2 in Los Angeles, CA.

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"I love the Processed options , they are great modern sounding drums for contemporary productions"

Joe Chiccarelli

(The White Stripes, Morrissey, Frank Zappa)

"Already put them into a session and they sound amazing. Super useable, love the room options, way to go on these. Really outstanding"

Matt Musty

(Gwen Stefani, Keith Urban, Smash Mouth)

"Cool sample library with some classic pieces and a few twists.  Check it out..."

Joe Barresi

(Tool, Soundgarden, Queens of the stone age)

“Useful and well done! The AF fat 1 snare and Motown snare had a lot of character, great for parallel helpers and the distortion, room and pitch options are great.”

Bryan Cook

(U2, One Republic, Cheap Trick)

What's Included

  • Kick drums:  

    • Gretsch 24": ​

      • Plastic beater​

      • Zoro beater

    • Gretsch 22" (Iso booth)​:​

    • Gretsch 20":

      • With snare​

      • Without snare 


  • Snares

    • A&F:​

      • High, Medium, Low, Fat1, and Fat2 tunning.​

    • Craviotto:​

      • High, Medium and Low tunning​

    • Sugar Percussion:​

      • High, Medium and Low tunning​

    • Gretsch Orozco:​

      • High, Medium, Low, Fat1, Fat2, and Fat3 tunning.​

    • Gretsch​

    • Gretsch RB

  •  1 Hi-hat, and 4 cymbals.

  • Toms:

    • Gretsch 9 x 12:​

      • Iso booth​

      • Live room

    • Gretsch 16 x 16:​

      • Iso booth​

      • Live room

  • Each set of samples has more than 10 velocities and each one has 3 layers and 4 style option:

    • Dry​

    • ​Processed (EQ + Compression + Distortion)​

    • Rooms (Overheads + Rooms)

    • Dist (Heavily distorted)

  • 4.042 Multivelocity samples

  • 4.48 GB Uncompressed .Wav (24 bits/48 khz)

  • Presets for Slate digital Trigger 2 and Battery 4

Studio 2 is one of the best rock recording rooms in the world. Its high ceilings and mid-ambience provide a tight punchy sound constantly sought after by top producers like Rick Rubin. 

Originally the site where the themes from many classic television shows were recorded (The Monkees, The Partridge Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, Hawaii Five-0), the studio later evolved to serve the needs of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Weezer, Metallica and countless other rock acts.

Eastwest studio 2